Use merge fields outside of a "Deck" in mobile composer

Hi Skuid warriors, 

I am building with the mobile composer. On one panel, I am attempting to use a Title or Template component merging a value from a model that I also display on that same panel within a Deck. 

But I want the merge field to be outside of a deck so that it does not repeat. This is my syntax:

Title {{{$Model.ModelName.conditions.0.value}}}

The desired outcome is to merge in the value set for the first condition in that model. 

It works flawlessly as long as I have that title / template within a deck. But as I said, I don’t want it to repeat for each row, which is what happens if that method is used. 

Is there a different syntax I need to use to get this value to show when the component is placed on the panel by itself (without deck)?

Thank you in advance,