Use Google Map in Skuid Page!!

Hello I want to use Google Map in one of my skuid page for custom object.I follow the link that you give Simple Map. But i struggle with that and not able to use it. Please help me with this and explain to me in simple how an i use Google Map in my Skuid Page. Please explain this as i want it.Looking for an quick reply. Thanks. Arpit

I’m going to point you to a few resources. Mapping is not a standard deliverable with Skuid yet and so we are not yet providing step by step instructions. But the adventurous can certainly get things working. 1. Use custom component to link to a google map: 2. recent community topic with further discussion 3. Build your own custom component This is probably overkill if you are trying to simply add a map to one page. Between those three resources, and Google Map’s own help docs you should be able to make things work.

Hello Rob, Thanks for you reply. I was trying to do it with the custom component.I have tried everything but not able to make it work,do not know why.I used both java scripts given on skuid but still getting nothing. So please give me a little description on how to get it done with in skuid. It will be highly appreciated and needed as well. Hope to get quick response. Thanks. Arpit

Please do explain me a little more So that i could succeed in Using Google Maps in my Skuid Page.

Hi Arpit, here are some common things to check to help get the custom Skuid component for a Google Map working correctly: 1. Add “Maps” as a Picklist Entry to the skuid__Page__c object’s Module field. 2. From the Page Builder, put your Skuid Page in the “Maps” Module. 3. Make sure that you have created 2 Static Resources, each of which contains a raw JavaScript file, as per the tutorials: “MapsJS”, which contains the Maps Component runtime code (make sure that you include the s in Maps, some people have put “Map” and this will not work), and “MapsBuildersJS” which contains the Maps Builder code. Are you seeing the “Awesome Map” component show up in your Skuid Page’s Builders list? Are you not seeing the Google Map showing up in your screen? a little more detail here would be helpful.

Hi Zach, I am able to see the ‘Awesome Component’ in my skuid Page’s builder list. But i am not able to see the Google map.When i go to inspect element in my page i got the few blocked error. Below is the image for that Please tell me how can i get to show my Google map and made it work. Thanks. Arpit

Hello Zach, I got the google map in my skuid page. But now it is taking much space then my page.I want to restrict it’s width.How i can do this. As you can see in the image it is going outside the page.So can you help me on how to restrict the size of this Google Map? Looking for an quick response. Thanks. Arpit

Can you post the source code of your custom component?

Hi All
i tried “awesome map” component zooming is not happening in map any suggestions.    

Hi Sasidharreddy, the “Awesome Map” component example we provided uses Google’s Static Maps API — static maps are very limited in what you can do with them, for instance you cannot zoom, and you cannot move around. If you want to use a different Google Map API with a Skuid Component, you’ll need to adapt our sample component code to use a different Google Maps API.

Hi Zach, 

I have a followed same steps as you commented here. But I couldn’t see any ‘Awesome Map’ in my Skuid Page’s builders list.  Can you please help me with the same? 

Thank you!

You may need to go to the Skuid Settings page and uncheck the “use component packs” item there.  We need to re-write that tutorial so that it incoporates our component pack methodology.  but the old method should still work. 

Hi Rob, 

Thank you for help here! 

Is this not works for Drawer. However, I can see Awesome map in component but when I tried to open the drawer it is automatically hidden. Please advise here! 

Thank you!

Not sure I understand.  When you put the map on a page outside the drawer it works,  but when it is in the drawer it does not appear?  Are you sure the model data is correct for the drawer?  Are you running before open actions to pass values to a condition and then query the model to get the right data for the record in context? 

Yes! Rob. I have also try to running before action and this actions are not working for single one model. Please advise here Its really urgent now. 

Thank you!

Would you mind giving us login rights to your org so we can take a look at what is going on?   Here is how:

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2. Then send an email to  with the following information: 
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We’ll see what’s going on…

Hi, I followed the Skuid article - Simple Map Component - and added two JavaScript files and added ‘Maps’ as module. When I try to create a new page, this new component is not showing up in the list of components. Could you please let me know if I am missing something? Thanks