Use DATA CATEGORY as a condition on a model

I’m working on a proof of concept for our company to start using Knowledge Articles. Ideally, I would like to show articles on a page’s tab and filter the results relative to the parent record.

I’m trying to create a Knowledge article model and pass in conditions that are based on data categories. However, I’m not sure how to add the “WITH DATA CATEGORY” clause to the model’s conditions.

Take for example this data category hierarchy for regions:

Regions__c<br>&nbsp;Europe__c<br>&nbsp; England__c<br>&nbsp; France__c<br>&nbsp; Italy__c<br>&nbsp;NorthAmerica__c<br>&nbsp; USA__c<br>&nbsp; Mexico__c<br>&nbsp; Canada__c

Say, I have an article type called “Visa Information”, but I only want to show articles for relevant to countries in Europe. I can accomplish this in SOQL:

SELECT Title, IdFROM VisaInformation__kav<br>WHERE PublishStatus = 'Online'<br>AND KnowledgeArticleId in (SELECT Id FROM VisaInformation__ka)<br>WITH DATA CATEGORY Region__c BELOW Europe__c

Is it possible to do this same thing with a Skuid model?

I don’t think Skuid supports the “Below” operator.  But you can create a REST model that builds a model on salesforce data that way - and you can pass your specific SOQL to it.