use actions framework to change all model fields from read-only to edit

Hello Mark/Bill -

This actually can be accomplished.  Although there may be situations where having a “model” mode might be useful, the approach you likely want to take is to control the “mode” at the component level as Models don’t currently have a “mode”.  Also, changing a model mode would change all components that are registered on that model and you wouldn’t always want all components to follow the model mode if there was one.

Check out the post at… for more details and make sure to read the posts that follow this post.  This provides the framework to change the mode of a component (or multiple components) with something like an “edit” and/or “view” button.  You can also then use conditional rendering to hide/show fields based on the row state (new, existing, cloned, etc.).

In the app I’m building, I have a single page for everything - View, Edit, New & Clone.  During page initialization, I have a custom component that sits on top of a framework that I’ve built that detects what type of page ‘mode’ it should be - New, Edit, View & Clone mode.  From there, it flips certain components to the desired mode.  Additionally, there is a button at the top that lets the user change from “View” to “edit” mode all with one click.