URL Redirection

If a user enters Community URL or Password Reset Link then in some cases the user gets redirected to [Community URL]/a1y/o?nooverride=1%3Fpage%3DHome, instead of [Community URL]/apex/skuid__UI?page=Home

Has this happened to anyone before?

And, would anyone be able to tell me what could be the cause of this or what a1y/o stands for?

Thank you

Can you clarify what you mean by “user enters Community URL or Password Reset Link”? Are users clicking a button to get these URL’s? Are users getting to different pages based on which URL they get?

Thank you for trying to help.

The community user would receive the link via email, which then they would copy+paste into their browser or just click on it (if their email software allows it).

Normally: They would be redirected to [Community URL]/apex/skuid__UI?page=Home

Somtimes: They get redirected [Community URL]/a1y/o?nooverride=1%3Fpage%3DHome

I hope this helps you understand the situation better.

Thank you,


Hi Lukas, thanks for sharing more information here.

Have you explicitly designated your community home page? See https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=networks_custom_community_home.htm&type=5

  1. for more information. This sounds like it might be a Salesforce issue with Salesforce sometimes directing users to the Visualforce page and sometimes redirecting users to the basic home page. You can check Salesforce documentation for what a1y/o means and to see if other users have run into similar issues with Visualforce pages
  2. See if you can gather more information about when users get directed to the wrong page. Is it a specific user / profile? A specific browser or way of accessing the link (e.g. click vs. copy/paste)
  3. Are any console errors occurring when users get sent to the wrong page?

Hello Anna,

I haven’t personally been able to recreate the issue myself, but based on your answer I will assume that this should be due to Salesforce.

For now, I will make your question as the answer, thank you for the guidance.