URL Redirect will not load the full webpage

I have several URL redirects in my skuid pages to go from one step to the next in the process, and change records. However, these will not load the full webpage. Whenever the redirect occurs, it takes the user to the correct page, but doesn’t load the scroll bars on the side. A simple refresh of the page brings back full functionality, but it never works from the actual redirect. I’ve tested this on Chrome and Edge, which both produce the issue.

This is very strange. Are you using a Salesforce URL that has some override set up on it? Or is the redirect going directly to a skuid page preview URL? Can you post a picture of your URL redirect configuration?

is there some error in the developer console?

Hey Rob!

This is going to a Salesforce Community page dynamic URL - here is the Redirect action configuration:

And the resulting URL that shows up on ‘frozen’ page without scroll bars:



I see no errors in the developer console, but I do see errors in the browser console: