URL redirect auto-populate field

I have save button on a popup that redirects to a URL for a new Case page. I included the Account ID as a parameter in the redirect URL. URL: apex/skuid__ui?page=NewCase__DA&AccountId={{Account_Name__r.Id}} On the new Case page I added a condition to model where the AccountId = (param) AccountId. This is auto-populating the Account field with the actual ID instead of the account name. The field on my page is AccountId and normally Skuid will render with the name and not the ID. Is there something I overlooked in order to have the name displayed?

How has the template we’re seeing the picture of been set up? Could you share it’s configuration?

That’s because there isn’t anything to reference the id to. Add an account model prior to this model that queries the Account with the the same parameter. Then it’ll work.

Thank you Pat! I’ve been staring at this for 2 days now.