URL Name


Typically, a Salesforce record URL looks like this: https://[instance].salesforce.com/[ID].

With Skuid, the same URL now looks like this: https://c.[instance].visual.force.com/apex/TargetAccount?id=[ID]&sfdc.override=1.

I understand the override bit, although I would prefer if it wasn’t displayed, but we don’t like the new URL format. Is it possible to display the old URL version using the new Skuid pages?


Yes and No.

You could embed Skuid Pages into Standard layout pages and Lightning pages.

But using your own visualforce page w/ page override forces this URL change.

Oh nice! Is there a disadvantage to embedding versus using “standalone” pages like I’ve been doing?

Yes. You can’t easily dynamically assign pages based on Record Type, Profile or User.

Skuid Page Assignments is a declarative way of doing this without code.

Got it, so that isn’t an alternative then. At least I know for sure now. Thanks for your help!