URL fields not opening in another window

SF native function of a URL field is to open that URL in a separate window when you click on it. In Skuid that URL field will overwrite that and open it in the current window. This is true on tables and field editor. How can I get the URLs to open in a new window and not in the current window? I cant find any setting that will allow me to do that.

It’s also the case that URLs that open in pop-up windows in standard salesforce, like Conga buttons, open in new tabs when clicked from Skuid, would be great if they didn’t.

The one workaround I know of would be to create Template fields and use the code {{{Your_URL_Field_Name}}}

I think you’ll want the triple curly brackets so as to clear out the native function of creating the link and just pull in the text value.

Thanks Jack for the workaround it worked like a champ!!