URI mismatch for external org when accessing page using within VF page.

I have a skuid page connected to an external Salesforce org. The page works fine when viewing directly. I attempted to include the Skuid page on a standard page layout by creating a VF page that has the skuid:page tag. This way generates the error:

<i>error=redirect_uri_mismatch&amp;error_description=redirect_uri%20must%20match%20configuration </i>

Is there an additional callback URL or other parameter that needs to be included for it to function using the skuid:page tag?

Since you’re using the skuid:page component in a VF page and running this VF page within a standard Salesforce page, I believe that the VF page is in an iFrame, and that this iFrame is in a different domain — the “c” domain, so I think you’ll also need to add an OAuth callback URL like the following:

https://c.na8.visual.force.com/apex/skuid__oauthcallback (no My Domain, instance NA8)
https://acme–c.na8.visual.force.com/apex/skuid__oauthcallback (where your My Domain is “acme” and instance is NA8)