URGENT: Self registering community users do not get Skuid User Licence

Start by saying, I have enabled Skuid org defaults for licensing assignments as well as for community profile.

When creating users through the salesforce interface, everything works fine BUT…

I have a self registering page for my community and when users sign up through this, it creates all the right SF logins, permission sets etc… but Skuid does not create a new user for them or assign them the Skuid page viewer permission set. Which means that once signed up they can’t actually access anything!

Please I desperately need this fixed ASAP or help building a workaround of some sort!

Here is a stab...   Is there any Apex code included in that self registration process?   Is it manipulating standard objects (like contacts or accounts)? If this is so, the skuid License assignment will fail.  Salesforce does not let you manipulate both setup objects and standard objects in the same transaction. 


You might have to adjust your Apex,  so that these two aspects of self registration are separated.  Here is some discussion on the developer forums that show a workaround. 


Thanks Rob! really helpful, my developer is looking over it now!