Uploading contact photos...

How would I upload a contact photo?


I’d suggest using the file upload component: https://docs.skuid.com/v10.0.4/en/skuid/components/file-upload/attach-file.html

When this is in a Wizard (unsaved record), there’s a description at the bottom of this document on how to use the file upload component with a wizard.

Is this what you are looking for?



Are you talking about uploading an image for a contact (like you can do for a user)?  You should be able to add a ‘File’ lookup field to the Contact record.  When you create the field, the ‘Related To’ shows ‘File’, but the object is 'skuid__image__c '.  Then you can use the File Upload component to allow uploads to this ‘field’ and display it as an image.



Thanks guys! Bill got to the core of my question. Thanks!