Upgrading from version 6.8.7 to Bansai -- will this break anything?


I want to upgrade my PROD skuid to the latest version to take advantage of some of the Bansai features.

I don’t have a sandbox environment readily available…

Do I need to worry about upgrading straight into PROD?

What are the steps to do this?



Yes, you need to worry about it. I haven’t seen any documentation about what will change in going to the new version, but of 3 forms I have been testing in a sandbox upgrade 2 are broken. One was easy to fix and the other has been a real time suck and still not working. Short of having some docs from Skuid folks about how to do this, it is very much worth the time to spin up a sandbox to test in.

We would agree with Christopher - a sandbox is always going to be good.   Haing said that,  the impact will depend most on how much customization has been done.  If you are using pretty straightforward Skuid we don’t think you will find any issues.