Upgrade to Rockaway Point Release 5 causing Tabs to not show content.

Our Production Organization was upgraded to 8.11 last night. This has caused a bug where the tabs on one of our pages no longer show their content if they aren’t the first tab in the set.

I wonder if this issue is related

We are having page include load problems with the new Rockaway release.  They worked yesterday in production, but today they don’t.  We did find one case where removing a model field metadata override enabled the page to load.  Other page includes we’ve not been able to pin point the reasons yet.  Not all of our page includes are affected, so we’re trying to figure out what is common with the failing ones.  No console errors being thrown to help us out…


Are the tabs themselves still showing up? Is this consistent on all pages that utllize the tab set? Is there any code (JSS or CSS) on the page? Is any of it tab specific? In the tab properties, what do you have on the advanced tab, actions tab, and rendering tab? When you load the page, are there any console errors when you inspect the page?



Please keep us posted if you find any commonalities amongst the ones that are failing. Our team is also trying to figure out what could be causing those problems you are experiencing. 


Hey Karen, thanks for the reply. 
Yes, the tabs themselves are showing up, just with no contents.
-each tabs contents are different (tables, additional tabsets, page titles)
This Tabset is only on the page in question so yes it is consistant
Yes, there is Javascript on the page, but none if it is related to the tab display
all of the tabs have no special values in Advanced/Actions/Rendering

There is an Uncaught Type error when the page loads. (Cannot read property ‘xmlDefinition’ of undefined) 

It points to a Static Resource file of ours that is referenced by several of our pages.


Would you mind granting Skuid access to your org so we can look at what’s going on? After you do that, can you send the following info to support@skuid.com

1. Your org ID
2. Which page has the error
3. Steps to reproduce the error.


Hey Karen,

I’m going to send you and email with our info. I’ve granted access as well.



Jerry and Yechiel,

Thanks for the access and the steps to reproduce the issue. I took a look, and the exception is occurring in some custom JavaScript on the page. While the custom JavaScript has nothing to do with the Tab Set, once this exception is encountered, subsequent tabs will not render. The gist of the issue is that skuid.componentType.getByType returns an empty object (i.e. {}) if it can’t find a Component of the type you requested. In your JS, you’re doing a truthy check and returning if falsey. Instead, try something like this:

var components = skuid.component.getByType('MyCustomComponent'); if (components && !components.length) return;

I tested this adjustment, and it does get the tabs loading. I’ve verified that skuid.component.getByType hasn’t changed in Rockaway (i.e. the Banzai code is the same). We’ll take a look at the Tab Set component to see there are any changes that need to be revisited, but I think the change above is worth making regardless. The Page itself was last modified in April, but the Static Resource that contains the JavaScript was modified on the 7th. Is there any chance that the change to the JS could have introduced this issue?

Good catch J!

I’ll make the suggested change and see if that fixes our bugs, but the file your referencing was modified on the 7th of July '15. :slight_smile:

DOH! Yeah, it was getting kind of late when I was looking at that last night…

Happens to the best of us :slight_smile: