Upgrade to Chicago Blocked

I am trying to upgrade Skuid to Chicago. It starts the process but then I get an email stating it did not update due to this error:

“1. Access Blocked
The operation you requested isn’t allowed due to a security policy in your organization”

Do you know which security setting would block an install/upgrade of your app? I would think this is a widespread issue but I am not seeing anything online for other managed packages.

Thank you!

If you run into this issue, check your High Assurance security settings. I did not narrow down which one was the issue. But For 2 minutes I set High Assurance to username and password and then back up to MFA once the install was successful. This switch allowed it to install.

Glad you got this solved. We’ll look into the High Assurance security settings and evaluation whether we need to add some details on this option into our documentation.