Updating Skuid Question

Until now I thought Skuid was updating itself automatically for any patch/release.

I just realized that the releases listed here are to be installed manually and only major release will get pushed automatically

I’m on version 7.20 and there’s been 4 updates since.

My questions are:

-Can i just directly install the most recent Update (7.27.4), and that updates would contain all previous updates i missed? Or should I install them Individually one at a time

-Can updates like this, break any existing functionality, logic,snippet or anything else in my existing org? and if yes is there a way to “undo” last update/return to previous version (I’m aware i can use Sandbox to test)

-As this is new to me, anything else I should know before I go and update my org’s skuid version?

Thank you very much



The most recent update will include all the previous updates, so you only need to install one.

There is NO easy way to revert to a previous version. As far as I understand it, you would have to completely uninstall skuid and then reinstall the older version you wanted… a huge nightmare. So, make sure you test new versions in your sandbox before you just install in production.

Of course, skuid rarely breaks anything with an update, so if you’re adventurous you could read through the change notes and just jump right to a production update. But you’d be hard pressed to find someone willing to recommend that.

Hi Dave~

To add to what Matt said, it is a Salesforce limitation that prevents you from reverting to older versions of a managed package. Best practice is to update your Skuid version in a sandbox and test everything there first before you update your production org. 


Thank you Matt & Karen for the info, will proceed with update in Sandbox to make sure all is fine.