Updating multiple fields using a mass action

Here is the situation: we have a custom object called “holding company” that has fields for salary, rent, management fees. These values get “escalated” once a year based on the COLA (cost of living adjustment from US Bureau of Labor Statistics). The escalation occurs on the first day of the quarter, based on their fiscal year. So every quarter a subset of all the holding companies will escalate. I’ve created a custom setting in salesforce to store the COLA percent, and built a formula to calculate the new values, and created custom fields that are populated with a workflow rule to show the priorvalue of the field. 

In the past we have exported the data to excel and performed all the calculations, and then used a tool called “jitterbit” to replace the original value of the salary, rent and management fee with the new adjusted value. I know this is not a good way of doing this, but it did work.

What we are trying to do is use skuid to calculate and display the new values in a list view, where you could preview the values and then check a box to apply a mass action to update the original values to the new adjusted values. We want to be able to do it in bulk rather than going into each holding company.

Does anyone have any thoughts on how this could be done?

Thanks in advance for your consideration.

You can display your salesforce fields or create UI only formula fields to do your calculations, then display them in your table. Then your mass action could be “update field on rows” which would update the actual target field which may be hidden from the table. In your mass action sequence you will want to add a save model action and a query model action.

You could even do a Ui only model with one row to attach to a field editor to collect input from your user. For example, the user could type in the COLA, then you could use that user input in your UI formula fields to calculate the adjustments.

Thank you, Raymond. These are great suggestions. I wanted to make sure that what we are trying to accomplish is possible. It sounds like it is definitely doable with skuid, so that is nice to hear.