Updating field with Mass Action gives error Invalid Number Format

I am trying to update a field using a mass action. I have a UI Only field that calculates a new amount for a field using a COLA (Cost Of Living Adjustment). Both the UI field and the destination field have the same format (Currency 9,0). The field that is trying to be update is referenced in the UI only formula field. Does anyone have any ideas what may be causing this error?  Thank you!

Try changing the UI only format to number of text. It is probably formatting the number as currency but the input to the salesforce field doesn’t want the extra formatting.

I just tried setting it to number and then text, and I’m still getting the same error.

If you type the number into the field manually, do you get an error?

No, I just typed the number in there and it took it no problem.  I’m just wondering, could it have something to do with the fact that the field I am trying to update is used in the calculation of the UI field…?

I know what you are saying. Try taking it out. Actually try just entering a number in the UI only formula that “should” work and see if it is the formula that’s causing the problem or the UI field itself.

i’m still getting the same error… I just changed the formula to this… is that what i should do?

At this point, I’d probably try to put the Cola calc in a salesforce formula field, bring it into the model and use that to update. Another option would be to make the field you are updating a text field instead of currency which would probably make it more forgiving of input.

I will give that a try - thanks for your assistance!

Were you able to get this functionality to work?

Well, I did the last thing that Raymond suggested, (put calc in SF field) and it worked that way. I have to move on to a new project now, but will probably have to revisit more of this at some point… I don’t know why it didn’t work the other ways, but at least it worked. Thanks.