updating a field with Formula date

hey all another noob question.

I am creating a new row from a table via global actions
1. show message and block UI
2. Create new Row(s)
3. Update Closedate 
4. Unblock the UI 

everything works find as long as I choose a drop down value for the date,  but my business case is to set the date for 30 days from today.   When I choose next month it gives me the first of the month,   When I choose next N days and set n to 30 I get tomorrow.

Is there a way to choose exactly 30 days out?  

I tried looking around the forum and read about setting a condition on the model but I could not get the condition to show up in the new row.  

One option that works is to choose the n Days Ago option and set that to -30. At least for me that’s working.

The next N days = 30 should definitely work though, that’s just a functional workaround.

Follow up - I was wrong when I thought that next N days = 30 would behave differently. In Salesforce, next N days is a date range that starts tomorrow and goes N days out. So when you try to set a date to next N days it sets it to tomorrow, which may not be perfect.

The n days ago is a specific date in the past. In the Skuid UI default value lets you plug in a negative number to get a date in the future, which is fortunate because I don’t think SFDC usually accepts negatives there in conditions. 

Here’s the SFDC doc on the options that probably explains the terminology better - https://help.salesforce.com/articleView?id=filter_dates_relative.htm&type=5