UpdateRow() not updating Picklist Value

I’m trying to update a rows picklist value using a snippet. Here is my loop $.each( SalesOrderLineItemsSelect.data,function() { var updateRow = SalesOrderLineItemsSelect.updateRow(this,‘Status__c’, ‘Invoiced’); }); (There is other stuff in the loop, but that’s working correctly so I removed it ) This loop runs and it updated the “Status__c” field correctly when I do a skuid.model.map().SalesOrderLineItemsSelect.GetRows(). But, when I save it, the field isn’t updated. I’ve put another text field in the updateRow var to see if it would update properly and it did, but for some reason this picklist will not update. Any idea what could be causing this?

Does the user have permission to edit the field?

I figured it out… I had a process running that kept changing it back to shipped… smh