UpdateData not working ....

I am using below code in my java script for activate condition. But This code is not working properly.
It is always fetch old data(The data which i have last saved.)

var LastNamecondition = Agcontact.getConditionByName(‘LastName’);    Agcontact.setCondition(LastNamecondition,‘Vakhariya’,true);

A few things to check:

  • Does your model Agcontact have a condition on it set to “Filterable…” with the name “LastName”?
  • What type of condition is it? You probably want ‘single specified value’ if you’re going to be setting it programatically.

I have set everything.Check my code.



I’m not an expert, but the model looks fine to me. The only thing I’d question is the novaluebehavior… don’t think you want that for a fieldtext condition.

There might be better ways, but you could add a callback to your updateData() to see if it’s running:

Agcontact.updateData(function(result){<br>&nbsp;if (result.totalsuccess) {<br> console.log('Query was successful');<br> } else {<br> console.log('Query failed.');<br> }<br>});

I have already tried that.It is not working.

Not sure what you mean. Is the query failing, or is it running successfully, just not giving you the results you expect?

It is not giving me expected result.

Hmm. That’s frustrating. I’m assuming there’s data in your object that matches the conditions? Are you setting more that one condition at a time, or just one?

More than one condition.


Can you share your entire check_duplicate snippet? That might help troubleshoot.

 var params = arguments[0],
    step = params.step,
    stepEditor = step.editor,
  $ = skuid.$; 
var contactModel=skuid.model.getModel("AddContact");
var raw=contactModel.getFirstRow();
var Firstname2=raw.FirstName;
var Middlename2=raw.MiddleName;
var LastName2=raw.LastName;
var Birthdate2=raw.Birthdate;
var Name='';    
    Name+=' '+Middlename2;
    Name+=' '+LastName2;

if(Firstname2===undefined  || LastName2===undefined){
    alert('Please Enter First Name, Last Name');
    return false;

var Agcontact=skuid.model.getModel(“Agcontact”);
// Agcontact.cancel();

var FirstNamecondition = Agcontact.getConditionByName(‘FirstName’);
var Middlenamecondition = Agcontact.getConditionByName(‘MiddleName’);
var LastNamecondition = Agcontact.getConditionByName(‘LastName’);

var bd=new Date(Birthdate2);
var ageDifMs = Date.now() - bd.getTime();
var ageDate = new Date(ageDifMs); // miliseconds from epoch
var age=Math.abs(ageDate.getUTCFullYear() - 1970);
alert(“Candidate’s age is less than 18”);
var Birthdatecondition = Agcontact.getConditionByName(‘Birthdate’);
var messages = ;
var msg = ;
msg.message=Name+’ is already registor.Do you want to continue?..Click me’;
if (messages.length) {
var r = confirm(Name+’ is already registor’);
if (r === true) {
return true;
} else {
return false;





Everything looks good to me until we get here: Agcontact.updateData(); skuid.model.updateData([Agcontact]); Agcontact.updateData(); Why call updateData() three times? Of course, liking good to me doesn’t mean much. Hopefully the skuid folks will jump in any time now…

It is only for checking.If any one working fine i will remove other.

I took the liberty of rewriting your snippet, let me know if your still having any issues.

var params = arguments[0],&nbsp; &nbsp; step = params.step,<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; stepEditor = step.editor,<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; $ = skuid.$;&nbsp;<br>stepEditor.clearMessages();<br>var contactModel=skuid.model.getModel("AddContact");<br>var Agcontact=skuid.model.getModel("Agcontact");<br>var row=contactModel.getFirstRow();<br>var Firstname2=row.FirstName;<br>var Middlename2=row.MiddleName;<br>var LastName2=row.LastName;<br>var Birthdate2=row.Birthdate;<br>//If you don't have a first or last name stop here. You only have to check this once<br>if(!Firstname2 &nbsp;|| !LastName2){ &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; alert('Please Enter First Name, Last Name');<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; return false;<br>}<br>var Name=Firstname2;<br>if(Middlename2!==undefined){<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Name+=' '+Middlename2;<br>}<br>Name+=' '+LastName2;<br>//set first name condition<br>Agcontact.setCondition(Agcontact.getConditionByName('FirstName'),Firstname2,false);<br>//set middle name condition<br>if(Middlename2!==undefined){<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Agcontact.setCondition(Agcontact.getConditionByName('MiddleName'),Middlename2,false);<br>}<br>//set last name condition<br>Agcontact.setCondition(Agcontact.getConditionByName('LastName'),LastName2,false);<br>if(Birthdate2!==undefined){<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; var bd=new Date(Birthdate2); &nbsp;<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; var ageDifMs = Date.now() - bd.getTime();<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; var ageDate = new Date(ageDifMs); // miliseconds from epoch<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; var age=Math.abs(ageDate.getUTCFullYear() - 1970);<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; if(age&lt;18){<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; alert("Candidate’s age is less than 18"); &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; }<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; var Birthdatecondition = Agcontact.getConditionByName('Birthdate');<br>&nbsp; &nbsp; Agcontact.setCondition(Birthdatecondition,Birthdate2,false);<br>}<br>Agcontact.updateData(function(){//this function will run after updateData is finished<br>if(Agcontact.data.length){<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;var messages = [];<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;var msg = {};<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;msg.message=Name+' is already registor.Do you want to continue?...Click me';<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;msg.severity='WARNING';<br> &nbsp; &nbsp;messages.push(msg);<br>if (messages.length) {<br>var r = confirm(Name+' is already registor');<br>if (r === true) {<br> &nbsp; return true;<br>} else {<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; stepEditor.handleMessages(messages);<br> &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; return false;<br>}<br>} &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp; &nbsp;<br>}<br>});

updateData is a asynchronous operation, that means that javascript will not wait for a response before executing the code written after updateData.  If you want to wait for a result and do something with it, you will have to provide a callback function, or use the Deferred Promise object that is returned by the updateData call.

Thanks Moshe and Matt. it is working after small correction.