Update Skuid to Banzai Update 9 - Patch 3.1

How to test Update Skuid to Banzai Update 9 - Patch 3.1 new feature in our salesforce org?
I have installed this. But I am not finding any difference from previous version. 


Banzai Update 9 Patch 3.1 doesn’t have any noticeable difference from Banzai Update 9 Patch 3. Patch 3.1 was released as a hot fix for a specific issue of interoperability between Skuid and Salesforce which has now been resolved. Updating to it shouldn’t cause you any issues, though.


Is there a specific feature or resolved issue you are hoping to see in this release?

Thanks for your reply Amy and Tom.
Yes Tom, I want to see a specific  feature about this release. I haven’t noticed any difference from previous version.

Setup, Installed Packages, then Skuid: you will see a link for release notes.  Click on the paper icon to view the improvements.