Update Parent field based on child record

Hoping someone can help me with this,  I have the Accounts as a table with the related Contacts as Drawer under Accounts.   I am looking for a way to update a field on the Account (parent) record when a field on the Contact record field equals “test”.  doesn’t matter how many Contact records have this value.  

In other words if "any of the child Contact records field1 = test, then update the Parent Account field to "Contacts Test"

Thanks, Ann

Interesting request. It sounds like you need Branch actions. On the below page, You’d want to apply whatever If-Then Logic in the formula of the Brach shown in the picture within the global action. I have it set up to where it’ll be updated every time you press the Special Save global action.

Receives Test From Branch

Receives Test From No Branch Everytime


This works great.  Thanks Stephen