Update Order

Do I install Update 1 I1 and the Interaction 5?  Or  Do i install just I5?  They seem to have different Bug fixes but also duplicate big fixes?

This has always been confusing for me, what is the difference between an Iteration and an Update?  What is an Update Iteration?  Why not just follow standard software versioning?

EG 2.0.0 Major Release
2.1.0 Feature release but not major
2.1.1 Bug Fixes and Stability

It would be great to get answer from Skuid on this as there seems to be a reference a fix for button context.

Hi Bill and Tyler,

To borrow Amy Dewaal’s response to a similar question:

Brooklyn Update 1 was an update release because it made some improvements / changes larger than in a typical maintenance release. In a way, it split our product into two slightly different versions - Brooklyn iterations and Brooklyn Update iterations. Brooklyn Iteration 5 is following in the steps of Brooklyn Iteration 4 and does not include the improvements made in Brooklyn Update 1.  Brooklyn Update 1 Iteration 1 is the improvement after Brooklyn Update 1, so it includes everything in Brooklyn Update 1 plus bug fixes. Hope that clarifies things a little.

I have Brooklyn Update 1 9.5.0  What do I do with Update 1 Iteration 1 ?  What do i do with Iteration 5?  If both, then what order?

If you’ve got 9.5.0, you’d want to aim for Update 1, Iteration 1.

Iteration 5 is a maintenance release for the GA release of Brooklyn (for those who haven’t yet moved on to Brooklyn’s Update 1), aimed just at addressing current bugs for the initial release of Brooklyn. Similarly, Update 1, Iteration 1 is a maintenance release for Brooklyn’s first major “Update”. 

I understand your confusion. To try and clarify: the verbiage we use does basically line up with what you’ve got here. The numbers will be generally sequential, but don’t always follow the pattern, and I believe that has to do with the way Salesforce handles installed package versions.

When we use “Update” in a release’s name, we’re generally talking about a feature release. When we say “Iteration,” that’s going to be a maintenance release aimed at bug fixes and stability for that particular branch. So, Update 1 is getting its own maintenance releases, as is the GA release of Brooklyn, so that whether you’ve moved to Update 1 or not, you’re able to receive bug fixes and stability enhancements. (GA = general availability = initial version of a release.)

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