UPDATE: New date for Banzai push to Sandbox orgs.

The Skuid Banzai release will be pushed to all Sandboxes on Tuesday, October 13th.

If you’ve already contacted Skuid to opt-out, then you do not need to take any further action.

If you’re eager to use Skuid Banzai in your Sandbox, then go to www.skuidify.com/skuidreleases and click on the install link.

Tried emailing  support@skuidify.com to opt-out and got an auto reply saying it was no longer monitored?

Ahh. The infamous auto-responder.

We turned off the auto-responder after a couple of clients pointed it out. 

We think it sends a mixed message to ask people for important information and then promptly replying that their information is now in an unmonitored inbox. Not cool.

We are definitely monitoring support@skuidify.com for opt-out requests! Your original email has been received and your orgs have been opted-out or opt-outed (not sure which is correct).