Update field with Custom Component?

I used this posting to come up with a simple calculation in a custom component that works great! Now I would like to update a field in a new record with the result of the custom component.

I attempted to use a Multiple Actions button to create new and then update a field on row(s) with the component name as the value, which did not work. Is this possible and am I on the right track?


Chelsea - since you are already in Javascript doing the calculation - you should just add a few more lines to update the row with the new value. 

Assuming the caculation produces a variable named “value”  you can use code that looks like this. 

var model = skuid.model.getModel('YourModelName');<br>var row = model.getFirstRow();<br>model.updateRow(row, {ReferenceFieldName:value});


Awesome. Thanks Rob!