Update field actions don't seem to be working on Brooklyn

I have a few action setups that were working a few weeks ago (prior to Brooklyn), but now they don’t seem to be working.

I have one (provided screenshot below) that updates a checkbox to TRUE, it does also include a save action, but it doesn’t seem to be updating that field at all.

Any ideas?  This is really impacting our company.

Hi Tyler,

Is the field post_open_send__c being pulled into the Main_Store model? If it’s not, the action sequence you’ve got won’t be able to access and change it.

I set up an action sequence like what you have in your screenshot (edit: in Brooklyn ver. 9.3), and when firing it off the changes were successfully made, and did appear on the page. So to me it sounds like the actions themselves aren’t the issue. Have there been any recent changes to permissions settings in Salesforce on the objects/fields themselves?


That seems to be it!  I added the “post_open_send__c” field to the model and it started working.  Good to know that I need to do that!

Thanks for the wisdom Mark.