update field action to include option to update value from another model

I use the mustache syntax {{$Model.myModel.data.0.Id}} a lot in conjunction with the “Update a Field on Row(s)” action. 

It would be great if this action had the same options available when setting model conditions, such as “Field from another model”, “Single Specified Value”, “None - blank value”, “Result of subquery”, etc.

Conlan, this is actually getting implemented as part of the Millau Update 2 release, which is coming at the end of this May.

Zach, any chance the ability to update date fields will be included in this upcoming release?

Hey Zach,

I’m going to bump this again. I think one of the recent releases updated the “Update a field on rows” to restrict/validate that picklists can only be updated with one of the field’s picklist values (see screenshot attached).

I can understand how this would provide better data validation so this action will only updating the field with the correct data type…date fields must be updated with a specific or relative date and picklist fields must be updated with one of the picklist options…

However, this took away the ability to pass in a dynamic value from another model. As a result, I’m having to revert to Javascript snippets to accomplish updating fields.

Conlan, FYI you can go into the XML for the page, find the node, and put in the merge syntax as the value, e.g. value=“{{$Model.Foo.data.0.Some_Field__c}}”, that way you don’t need to use JavaScript.

Also, what Skuid release are you on? Are you on Millau Update 2?

Awesome! That’s going to save me like 6 snippets on this one page alone.

I’m running 11.2.5 right now