Update a picklist value in page editor

In the spark page editor, in the action to update a row where you specify a picklist field, the picklist values for the field are not returned. You can edit the XML to get it to work, but not declaratively.

John, this is a known issue that is being worked on right now. We’ll get it fixed soon!

Awesome.  Thank You.

Zach, has this been “fixed” now? We have a UI-Only picklist providing a subset of values to a lengthy list in the database. The page needs to copy the value from the database field to the ui-only field on query, allow edits to the ui-only field, and then copy the ui-only value to the database field on save. We used to do this with merge syntax on the Update-field-on-row action. Now, we have to override the picklist validation by going to XML. (v11.2.22 - so not Spark. Sorry.)