Update a field on row(s) - Not updating all records on a table

I have a table with 3 records, when hitting the “UnApprove All” button I want to update the “Approval Status” field with the same value for the 3 records, they all should change to “Not Approved”, but for some reason only the first record in the table is changing, below how I defined the button and what I’m seeing.

I’m missing any another configuration? What can I do update all the records on my table, when hitting that button?

Hi Reyna,

I did a quick test and see the same behavior for Page Title buttons.  However, when I add a Global Action with the same actions it updates all records.

Not sure if this is a bug or working by design?


I have a similar problem. It would be great to know if it’s working by design or it’s a bug.

Irvin got it: Page Title buttons only have the first row in context, but Table Global Actions have all the rows in the Table in context. Convert that Page Title Button to a Table Global Action, and you should be good to go!

As to whether this is a bug or by design, I would say that it is working as designed. Tables already have the concept of multiple rows and so you have ways of picking and choosing which ones you want to affect (the check boxes for a Mass Action, or use a Global Action to update everything in the Table). Page Titles don’t have this concept, so we’re left with a judgement call about which row(s) to affect with any given Action. We thought that it made more sense to use the first row for the Title/Sub-Title merges and to not iterate over all the rows showing multiple Page Titles (like we do with Field Editors), and so that logic got extended to Page Title Buttons. Make sense?

Hi J,

Yes, it makes sense the more I think about.  The next option seems to be a snippet should a page title button better support the use case.  This is subjective of course.

Thanks and regards,