Upcoming Salesforce Guest User Changes Auto Activated in Winter '21

As previously discussed in this community post, Salesforce is modifying what guest users are able to do using out of the box Salesforce in order to secure communities and force.com sites

Please note that per this documentation

  • , changes with guest user access will be auto activated

    In Winter '21 WITH the ability to opt out (hits preview sandboxes Sept 11 and prod orgs Sept 18 - Oct 18)

  • In Spring '21 WITHOUT the ability to opt out (hits preview sandboxes Jan 8, 2021 and prod orgs Jan 15 - Feb 14)

Skuid highly recommends that you thoroughly test all mission critical guest user functionality with the guest user changes activated in a non-business critical sandbox PRIOR to the Winter '21 Salesforce release hitting your orgs so you can opt out as needed to allow you time to prepare for Spring '21 when you can no longer opt out. Please note that if you are using Skuid’s file upload for guest users prior to 11.2.30 or 12.2.14, please make sure you refer to the instructions from this previous community post.

Skuid would really appreciate your feedback on how the guest user changes will impact our clients by learning more about your use case and setup. Please take a few minutes to fill out this poll before September 30th.

Please note the following that was emailed by Salesforce:

Prior to the Winter ‘21 release, you can opt-out of the Guest User object permissions being defaulted to OFF via the critical update located in Setup > Critical Updates

  • .

After Winter ‘21, prior to the Spring ‘21 release, you can temporarily turn the guest user object permissions back on manually for each guest user profile in your org. Please note that we do not recommend this course of action

  • , and encourage you to work towards modifying your site’s configuration to operate with these permissions turned OFF to better secure your org.

In addition to resources from the old community post, here are some additional resources for you to check out:

Opt Out of Enforcing Guest User Object Permission Changes

Please note that the 2 additional critical updates discussed in this community post will also be auto activated with winter ‘21.