Unsaved changes warning

I’ve been caught a couple of times by leaving the page design page without saving my changes… and losing them all Can you give a "do you want to leave this page and abandon your changes " warning ?

This is a really great idea.

This is an important idea. Even more important for the users. I’m going to submit another similar idea, but this one should be looked at while looking at mine also.

Great idea. “Saver” on the Appexchange has a similar functionality or the browser extension Lazarus: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/lazarus-form-recovery/loljledaigphbcpfhfmgopdkppkifgno Having this built into Skuid would be a killer feature. Again, great idea!

We’re happy to announce that the ability to present a warning message if a user tries to leave or refresh a page with unsaved changes is being added as a configurable, page-level property in the Skuid Summer 14 release.

The Desktop and Mobile Page Composers will both have this property enabled, so that you will be unable to inadvertently leave the Page Composer if your page has unsaved changes.

This property is not enabled by default, nor will it be be enabled retroactively — it will be up to page authors to enable this property on pages where it is appropriate, at their discretion.

Yea SKUID !!!