Unknown 'Sender Type' Field in Send Email Action

I am trying to create an action framework which alerts community users that there is a problem with a document. This email should come from the email address of the agent who owns the account, which are all registered as org-wide email addresses. The action framework requires a ‘sender type’ parameter to send as anything other than the current user, however any value I insert here results in a Bad Request error on fire. Digging deeper into the error message reveals that the problem is an “INVALID_ARGUMENT_TYPE”. Does anyone have any idea what a valid argument for this field would be? 

I found the following: not sure if it helps. Sender Type is the email used as the sender’s from and Reply-To addresses. The following values are valid: CurrentUser —the email address of the person updating the record. This is the default setting. DefaultWorkflowUser —the email address of the default workflow user. OrgWideEmailAddress —a verified global email address for your organization, such as support@company.com Note: If you would like to use OrgWideEmailAddress, create an email alert using the organization-wide address as described in Help And Training Community Then, in the Flow Designer, you can add the email alert to your flow.

Yup, that was exactly what I was looking for! Thank you.