Unique picklist entries per row/card on UI-Only field

We have a need to dynamically display picklist options in a deck based on an attribute of the card.  We can’t do a traditionally dependent picklists, because the options are are a result of a query.

For example:
Card/Row 1: Picklist Options: A, B, C
Card/Row 2: Picklist Options B, D
Card/Row 3: Picklist Options E, F

The mapping would be based on a second model query with a cross reference key (either a model lookup or javascript). 

Everything I’ve seen is focused on setting custom picklist entries for the field at a model level, but we need to set it per record.  Any ideas how we this can be done?

I was thinking something like populating the list on load based on all results in the model querying for options and then setting the ‘valid for’ option on the entry - but that seems to be a field only for db dependent picklists, not UI-only dynamic ones.


Paul, have you tried using Skuid’s Lookup Filters on the field in the Field Editor? Skuid Lookup Filters allow you to have picklist options that are different on a per-row, per-field basis, and you can include filter that are based on the value of another field on the same row. Skuid will run separate queries to determine the picklist options that should be displayed for each row in the deck. Sounds like what you’re looking for.

Ah, that would do it!

I can throw that custom html template and js I wrote out then ;-).

Is it possible to default to the first item but still leave a ‘none’ option?  Or will I need to run some js to do that?