Unexpected Token: ILLEGAL on include load

I’m getting this when trying to load a page include via javascript from a queue.

Here’s the javascript that’s running the load:

console.log('select queue item arguments:');console.log(arguments[0]);
var pageInclude = skuid.$('#ChartInclude').data('object'),
    row = arguments[0].row,
    rowType = row.attributes.type.slice(0,-3);
pageInclude.pagename = 'Chart\_' + rowType;
pageInclude.querystring = '?id=' + row.Id;
  console.log('Loaded ' + rowType + ' page include.');
skuid.events.publish('queueItemSelected',[rowType + 'Tabs']);

The console is showing the log of pageInclude, but .load() is failing.

The reason for some of the shenanigans here is that I’m loading the same page include component with different pages from a series of nested queues (a la the windows file tree, Hat Tipped to Josh Culter for showing me his Treebeard page). The script is working fine for the master queue and the first sublevel, but failing on the third (and last) level.

Any thoughts on what might be causing this?

Some additional info from the console:
the pagename and querystring seem to be set correctly.

I may have isolated the problem. I ran the included page by itself, and here is where the error is being thrown:

Does that mean anything to anyone?

As far as I can tell, there’s nothing wrong with the XML.


Looks like you have a newline character in your displaytemplate. Remove that and it should work. I’ve reported this as a bug.

Thanks! What a needle to find in that haystack. Nice work, Ben.