I was working on a form and deleted a field set by mistake… I don’t suppose you could offer undo ?

Oh man, I would love that. Right now it only works if you’ve just Saved the page. and click to “Cancel” your changes.

I agree, this would be a great feature!

Well, we do currently offer rollbacks, which is like undo, as long as a previous version was saved.

Erg. Just deleted a tab by mistake after making a ton of changes in 30 minutes. ERG!!!

I can only offer this as a workaround to save all the work. Save the page after making the fatal mistake, open a previous version, go to the XML, copy the text, open the latest version, paste into XML.

Wait, when will Copy and Paste be added to the page builder?

OMG!!! Even worse is after making 30 minutes of changes is when the session had timed out. Must of missed the prompt. I’d gladly take the deleted tab over all the work I just did! ERG!

There should be something in the page builder that warns me that the page session is expired on any changes to the page!

Ugh.  I feel your pain.