Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'value' of undefined skuid js error

I have two different environments, In first environment the screen is working properly, I am facing this problem in second environment, page not loading due to error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘value’ of undefined skuid js error” . I compared Page xml, skuid version and SF version. Everything same. 

I am using tabpanel, each tab have pageinclude component. When i click on the particular tab i’m getting error. Remaining tabs working fine. 

I am not able to find the exact issue, help me to resolve the issue. 

Skuid version: 9.3.6

I’m hitting this exact issue as well. Everything was previously working okay. I’m having trouble locating the issue.

Skuid version: 9.5.4

Some more information on this issue. I was getting the error on a mass action on a table. I was able to narrow it down to an individual javascript snippet that was causing the error (when removed, it worked fine). However, this javascript snippet has been in the environment working properly for months. I ended up creating a new javascript snippet, copied and pasted the code from the “broken” snippet, and then referenced the new javascript snippet in my mass action.  This fixed the issue.

So it appears that my javascript snippet somehow got corrupted or something? This would be consistent with the behavior of the original poster.


Vijayakrishna and Andrew,

Are these pages located in an org that was updated to Summer '17? You can check by going to Salesforce setup and checking the little image in the upper left hand corner of the page. The image for Summer '17 is two seagulls with sunglasses on.


Hi Amy - The org is still Spring '17 (Rainbow).


Do you know of any other changes that have been made recently, such as an update of your Skuid version or changes on that page?

The version of Skuid hasn’t changed and the last revision to the page was on 5/1. I can’t think of any other changes to the environment.


Can you post the Javascript snippet?

Hi Amy - Both two environments Summer’17. 

Hi Amy - Both two environments Summer’17.  In both environments Skuid version updated to 9.3.6 and I’m facing problem in one environment only. 

Ex: I have created screen in First environment, everything fine. Then I moved the screen to second environment. In second environment i’m facing the issue. 


Hmmm, that’s certainly interesting. I’ve never heard of something like that happening before. 


How did you move the page to the second environment? Does your page use record types and / or dependent picklists? It sounds like you might be running into this issue in your second environment