Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'getService' of undefined thrown for skuid.service.getServi


After the upgrade to SKUID Brooklyn 9.3.3 version I have been getting -
Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘getService’ of undefined error for skuid.service.getService() calls.

Could someone please suggest what the problem could be? This was working perfectly fine before the upgrade to Brooklyn Iteration 1 or 2 .

This is really urgent as my application is not working anymore.

Thanks & Regards,


  • What version of Skuid were you on before? 
  • Are you seeing this issue across a few pages or multiple pages?
  • If multiple pages, do those pages have anything in common?
  • Is there an external data source on the page that’s experiencing this issue?


skuid.service.getService() is not and has never been a documented API, it was never supported and was removed in the Brooklyn release. I am curious what you were using it for? 

The supported API which is available in Brooklyn (which we have not documented yet but are planning to) is skuid.dataSource.get( dataSourceName ), this enables you to get a reference to a DataSource through its name. If you swap this out for skuid.service.getService(), your code should start working again.



HI Zach,

Thank You for your response. We had already figured this out and have fixed the issue :)!

Thank you again for the help.


HI Amy,

We have fixed the issue by using skuid.dataSource.get( dataSourceName ).

Thank you for your response.