Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded


One of my page start behaving weirdly and was getting the following error:
Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded

Finally found the culprit , which is a UI-Only formula field.

I do not see any reason this should happen, maybe someone can explain, as it’s a very simple formula field (addition of 3 percent fields)

UI-Only Formula field return a number, and here’s formula: {{Ownership_Of_Applicant_1__c}}+{{Ownership_2__c}}+{{Ownership_3__c}}. all 3 of those SF fields are of “percent” type of field

Here’s some SS of error:



How odd, exceeding call stack size error are usually caused by infinite loops. We would like to look further into this. Would it be possible to grant Skuid login rights? When you have done so, please send your org ID, name of the Skuid page, and how to reproduce this error to support@skuid.com




Unfortunately, we are not able to replicate the error message you are seeing by following your instructions in your org … Are you still having this problem?


Hi Karen,

When i found the field causing the issue,In the mean time that I receive an answer, I had removed it and found another way to do what i needed.

Yesterday I tried recreating it , so you can test on it and on my side issue was intermittent, sometimes working well and other times no, with no apparent logic i can understand

So I guess for now , let’s leave it aside? or would you like to me to try to recreate it again and testing further?



Since you found a workaround, let’s go with that for now. If you have more problems, let us know and we can investigate. 

Glad you found another way to do it!

I am also having this issue in our code.

Anna, were you able to resolve this? We’re now encountering the same issue. 

Hi Anna and Jamie,

Is your scenario similar to what Dave described? If it’s different, can you describe your scenario in more detail? Also, please share any error messages you’re seeing in the browser console. 

Note - Jamie has a separate conversation about this here.

This error is almost always means you have a problem with recursion in JavaScript code, as there isn’t any other way in JavaScript to consume lots of stack. Sometimes calling a recursive function over and over again, causes the browser to send you Maximum call stack size exceeded error message as the memory that can be allocated for your use is not unlimited.

How to fix

Wrap your recursive function call into a -

  • setTimeout
  • setImmediate or
  • process.nextTick

Also, you can localize the issue by setting a breakpoint on RangeError type of exception , and then adjust the code appropriately. Moreover, you can managed to find the point that was causing the error by check the error details in the Chrome dev toolbar console , this will give you the functions in the call stack, and guide you towards the recursion that’s causing the error.