Uncaught (in promise) model error

I have a skuid page that to 15 days ago run good with no error.
Now from yesterday, then the release Spark ( was release on the page load I give me this error in console:
Uncaught (in promise) {model: nh, initiatorId: “Ordini”, modelId: “Ordini”, updatedRows: Array(0), message: “”}

The Ordini model isn’t load on page load but afther with button action and have one filterable condition default off .

Why I get this error? How I can solve it?


Hi Mattia,

Does this model “Ordini” have a model action? If it does, can you try disabling it to see if the error goes away? 

Hi, yes I have an model action, disable it and the error wasn’t visible again and page is load correctly.
Now there is a filter component that on page load risult disable. this filter is link to a model always with an model action. why i get this error for the model action? how i can resolve those problems with model action?

Thanks, Mattia

Hi Mattia,

Thanks for your update. I checked with the Skuid team, and we think this might be happening because your model action is being triggered when the model’s metadata is loading. I tried to reproduce your problem in my environment but wasn’t successful - I’m connecting to a REST data source.

What is your model action like? Does it use the “model requeried” trigger? And, can you tell us what kind of data source you’re connecting to?

model action triggered when “Model contidion changed” and in this action I requery the same model, create one row in other model and set one condition always in other model. My data source is a postgres in a hosting of one web site.