Uncaught Error: Unclosed tag at 438


Users notify me of a popup with a page include not always working properly

Looking into it, it’s weird. When i open a popup on first 3 rows it works fine
then if i go on a different row and try to open same popup, it won’t work and i see this error in console:

Uncaught Error: Unclosed tag at 438

and it looks like it’s always the same specific rows that cause the issue

I understand the error message but cannot find this 'unclosed tag’

is 438 suppose to be the xml line where tag is missing?

I looked in both pages (page with list and page include) and cannot see any issue at line 438

Help pls


Usually this is a merge syntax issue.  Are you using any conditional merge syntax on the page?

{{#ThisConditional}}Some other stuff. {{/ThisConditional}}

The bold section is missing somewhere.

I always use plenty of those, and understand error, but wanted to know if there was a way to reference the # on error to find quickly, or do i have to go line by line to find error?


Hi Dave Sometimes the # references to a line in js. At the right hand side of the error (I suppose it’s in the developer console) is a filename.js:thenumber (underlined). If you click on that, it shows the file that is causing the issue (maybe upload a screenshot of the console). Are you absolutely sure that the error is not caused by a merge syntax as Matt suggested? Cheers