unable to save page. Error "insufficient access rights on object id"

New to Skuid and fairly new to salesforce and working with a environment which has grown a lot over time which i was not apart of. Troubleshoot existing pages and trying to make enhancements at the moment.

Trying to make any change to a page and i get the insufficient access rights on object id error across the top when i try to save.
Wondering what this is referring to? is it the models that i dont have access to? 

Question about where the access rights are controlled for Skuid.
It is unclear to me where these are set and what needs to be changed to allow me access it. When it says Object ID, are there rights on Object ID within skuid and where can i find this? Or is there a setting in Salesforce which i need to review?

Any help (with screenshots!) would be very welcome.



Welcome to the Skuid community Peter! I noticed your questions on this previous post:

Have you checked the Sharing rules/permissions on the “Page” object? That seems to be what resolved the problem for Seth. For context, the “Page” object is the object that Skuid uses for pages and would not be related to any models that you have on your page, it is part of the Skuid package. You may have a setting in Salesforce that does not allow certain users to edit/view Skuid pages created by another user. 

Thanks that resolved the issue. It was getting confusing with the skuid and salesforce pages looking pretty identical to be honest but ill learn in time.

Cross-posting this relevant info: https://community.skuid.com/t/salesforce-skuid-error-insufficient-access-rights-on-object-id/8296/7?u=ryan.parmenter