Unable to render 2 fields using a basic Condition. Please Help!

Objective: I have 2 nos of same fields in a field - editor. (AADHAR Status)

  1. When the Value is Y (Field 1 should get display) - This has a CSS - Green

  1. When the Value is not Y (Field 2 should get display) - This has a CSS - Red

The desired output: Only one Field should be visible at a time. If the value in Y then the 1st one (with Green CSS) and when the value is not Y then the 2nd one (with Red CSS)

But, I am unable to render the fields properly. Instead, I am getting the following Result.

Any help will be highly appreciated.


Try just one of the fields and see if that one works.

Yes it works.

So having two of the same field with separate render conditions is causing both to appear? If so, my suspicion is correct. You’ve found a bug.

What version are you using? Can you test in a sandbox with newer versions?

Does the field need to be editable? If not, you can use a template field to conditionally render the “Y” with custom css using a formula field in the template.

You’d create a UI-Only Boolean called AADHARIsYes. Using this you could set the class of the div in the template field. Something like this.


We have to make some assumptions about the code that is not included. Is “AADHAR Status” the label for Aadhar_Authenticate_Aadhaar__c? One also is curious about Aadhar_ and Aadhaar_ . That should be correct using the designer field lists, but field names can change. Rendering rules don’t throw errors like SOQL would.

(Pat, I’m am missing something; I don’t understand your suggestion.)

When using a Template field you can conditionally include text using Boolean fields.

My example calculates in UI-Only Boolean formula field AADHARIsYes as True or False. The formula would be TEXT({{AADHAR__c}}  == “Y”.

Using {{#AADHARIsYes}}yesClass{{/AADHARIsYes}}{{^AADHARIsYes}}noClass{{/AADHARIsYes}}">{{AADHAR__c}} would render as class=“yesClass” when AADHARIsYes is True and lass=“noClass” when AADHARIsYes is False.

The # is for True and ^ is for False.