Unable to reference page parameter as default field value for 'Create New Row' action

Hello all!

I have a handful of 2 year old Skuid pages that use tables that recently began throwing errors about a missing required field when creating new rows.

The pages were originally set up to use the Page Parameter ‘Id’ when creating these child records, but it seems to no longer work as a default value - however, it does continue to work as a model condition. As a fix, I’ve used the ‘Field from another model’ option, and simply use the record’s Id instead of the page Id.

Can anyone tell me what may have changed on this particular object that would have caused the Id value to become hidden?

Thanks in advance,


When I upgraded SKUID last (to Dubai) I ran into similar issues with page parameters when working with page includes.

It seems that something changed such that if you try to do model conditions on page parameters, it will use the original parent page’s parameters, not your include page’s parameters; however if you use {{$Param.id}} instead, it will use the include page’s parameters.

To workaround this I’ve started setting up a UI only “Params” model that has UI only formula fields that all pick up {{$Param.THEPARAMETER}} instead, and then I use field from another model conditioning on that field instead of page parameter conditioning. This means I have to be careful of potential querying on null values since I can’t do an “Abort” of the query if the parameter doesn’t exist, but otherwise the workaround seems solid.