Unable to post to all categories

  • Such as:


  • Ideas
  • Problems

Hey Pat, that has to do with the type of post you’re creating. In the dropdown for New Discussion you’ll see questions and ideas. Definitely a quirk with the new platform, but it should function for you.


  • Got it. So there are Discussion Types and Categories.

    New Discussion

  • Praise
  • Feedback on Skuid Community
  • New Idea
  • Ideas (should be singular imo and selected by default as it's the only category)
  • Ask a Quesion
  • Questions (should be singular imo)
  • Problems (should be singular imo)
  • Yup, you got it, @Pat_Vachon! To save yourself some clicks, if you are within one of those categories and you create a new post, it’ll only show you the options available for that category.