Unable to pass Query String to page include

I’m running into a problem similar to the one identified in this post:


However, after reading the post, the solution wasn’t mentioned, just that the problem was solved.

Here is my issue:

I’m trying to load a Child Page for a Case from a Parent Page for a Case using the PageInclude component. However, it seems that it cannot pass the Id of the Parent Page’s object to the Child Page using any of the following Query Strings:

id={{$Param.Id}} < — doesn’t work


I thought I understood how PageIncludes work, but this is really throwing me for a loop.

Actually, in the course of typing out and documenting my issue, I was able to resolve the problem. I wanted to post it anyway for anyone else who may run into this problem (and for when I forget the solution!)

The issue was with the syntax of my Query String.

INCORRECT SYNTAX: id={{$Model.CaseParent.Id}}

CORRECT SYNTAX: id={{$Model.CaseParent.data.0.Id}}

I SPOKE TOO SOON!  It works fine when I use the “Page Preview” button from the Page Builder.  However, when I click on a Case Record it no longer works!

Quick update (sorry for all the thread replies).   I created problem when the Parameter Name for the Parent Page was changed from “id” to “ParentId”.  When I did that, it couldn’t read the id that was being fed in the Page.  

So, despite the warnings in other threads, my Parameter Names for both my Parent and Child pages are the same and everything is working just fine.

Thank you for going through the trouble.  This was a huge help.  Tutorial left a huge gap, namely on syntax for the Query String which is not obvious.  Following your example, I was able to fix my page.  Thanks!!