Unable to pass parent id to popup


We are extensively using popup functionality in our org for creating records or for displaying list of child records for any object. We are consolidating Opportunity creation into a common skuid page which will be invoked from popup. We are running into an issue when creating Opportunity from a custom object.
Here is the data model:
Call Report has parent lookup field for Account. For each call report, we can create an Opportunity (from row action). We need to pass account or broker id (AccountId, DBG_Broker__c refers to Account and Broker respectively for Opportunity).

Out of all popup invocations, only this page is unable to pass account or broker id to our opportunity creation page. I have tried with different models to pass id to popup but none of the works. I have tried

  1. activate and set id of call report. query call report model and pass account id from call report model.
  2. activate and set id of account model. query account model and pass account id to popup.
  3. activate and set id of opportunity model. create opportunity model row and pass account id to popup.

Here is the code:

My Call Reports

Call Report Type


For each call report record, there are 2 row actions to create target. Each action is rendered based on call report type. Create target has few actions to remove rows, activate and set value, query/create model row, and then invoke popup. standalone skuid page works fine when invoked separately with params or through other pages (account detail page or search page row action). 


Any ideas or suggestions will be appreciated.



Not sure I understood your scenario fully, but maybe u can try to do it via Page include

So to create popup content as a separate Skuid page

In Popup add component: Page Include linked to skuid page mentioned above

and pass your ID through the Query String

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply. We have skuid page included within popup. Issue is that query string is unable to send parameters to popup page.

In case you have not tried:

If you are trying to pass the parameter from a model with 1 row, you can use that as a query:


replace yourmodelname and fieldname by appropriate values

Already done that. Still unable to get value from model field.

I wanted to copy your XML to test it by myself but it seems it’s invalid.


while copying page code, looks like code was truncated. 

Good news is that i was able to resolve this issue with permutations and cobinations. final solution was just to
- activate and set model condition Id for call report.
- Query model
- use call report id and account id and pass it on as query string to popup page include