Unable to package pages into Static Resource (Release 10.0.1)

Upgraded to 10.0.1 - Can no longer package pages into Static Resources.  The page hangs and just says “Packaging Pages into StaticResources…”

Are you trying to bring in an old Page Pack or are you trying to bring in a new one you’ve made while in 10.0.1?

Not trying to bring one in.  Just trying to create the Page Pack. 

This is the screen that it hangs up on. 

also running 10.0.1 and not having the issue reported
(mac 10.2.5 skuid 10.0.1 chrome 59.0.3071.115)

I can get mine to hang like that when I try and package the “Skuid” module. However, I can still create page packs in other ways. Can you give more specific detail to clarify what you’re doing? The more detail, the better. 

Which module are you trying to page pack? 
How many pages are in that module?

Custom module - not Skuid trying to pakage the Skuid module.  This custom module has been packaged before successfully.  There are 25 pages in the module.

I have split into 3 separate modules to reduce the number in each, and trying to package one at a time, still same issue. 

Any Javascript errors in the console?

Zach, we have another customer claiming the same issue saying no errors in the console.

I had the same issue with trying to package pages in a custom module from the global action. I was able to get it to work using the mass action after multi-selecting the pages I wanted to package and selecting ‘Existing Page Pack’

I have nothing in the console.  

Thank you Craig.  This method worked for me as well.  I was able to create the page packs successfully this way.  Having said that, I did get one error in the console that may / may not shed light on the issue affecting the global action???

This helped me a lot, though may have a question for Skuid. As we were putting this into a managed packaged and had not yet created a page pack, I had to make up my own name for one since no “Existing”. I used our namespace. Hoping there were no naming requirements for it.