Unable to edit page region in child page if region sits in popup on master page

Hey Skuidsters,

I am currently learning about master and child pages. I have included a page region in a popup on my master page. Upon editing the child page, I am unable to access the page region through conventional means, because the button to configure the popup is disabled:

I have found a (not so user-friendly) workaround for this:

  1. Note down the Unique ID of your popup page region by clicking on it on the Master page
  2. Create a second Page Region on the main page of the Master page
  3. On the child page, do all your edits in that new, second Page Region you added in the previous step
  4. Save your child page and go to edit the xml
  5. You will find your region referenced with something along the lines of

Now swap out the “wrong” regionid (in this case: sk-QH2Dc-329) with the regionid of the Page Region in the popup that could not be accessed from the user interface. Remember you noted this down in step 1. So if the ID of the Page Region in the popup from step 1 is “sk-QGNRs-325”, your new, edited line in the xml will look like this:

You will notice that your edited content now “disappeared” from the child page next time you load it, but if you preview it and access the popup, the content will show where you need it to be.

To edit your content, simply swap the IDs again in the xml directly.

Hope this helps and that maybe the edit popup buttons could be unlocked for child pages in a future update! This may or may not apply to drawers as well, but I have not tested this.



A page region in a popup. hmmm … I don’t think they meant for the page region component to be available for placement within a popup.

I can see how it would make sense though to be able to do as you’ve set it up. Should be able to navigate through a popup in order to setup the page region. Interesting use case.


This is something that should be allowed, but at present, we do prevent. We set the properties of everything on the Master Page to readonly mode when editing a Child Page. However, the Configure Popup “property” is a little different than most in that it doesn’t actually change anything about your page: it just shows you your popup. I’m adding this to our backlog as something to address in a future release.

Another potential workaround came to mind as I was looking at this issue. I’m not sure how complicated whatever spawns that popup is, but if it’s something simple like a Page Title with a single button for that popup, put a Region on your Master Page where that Page Title would otherwise be. Yes, you’ll have to recreate the Page Title on every Child Page, but if it’s just title text and a button, it maybe be preferable to the copy/paste/change XML strategy.

Robin - “Skuidsters” made me smile this morning. Thanks.

Thank you for the suggestion! I have considered this, however prefer my workaround at this stage since it delivers the superior user experience, which ultimately what Skuid is about :slight_smile:  Appreciate the feedback!

It’s about having fun with it after all :slight_smile: