Unable to edit category axes under chart properties...

I am unable to edit my category axes on charts in Skuid… Am I missing something or is there a bug here?

In the attached picture, I clicked on  “axis 1” and nothing appears in the panel to the right. In the training documents there are inputs for ID, Title, Category Field, and Flipped. I see none of these in my instance.

I tried in Firefox, IE and Chrome. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Ryan, Are there any errors in your JavaScript console? Would you be alright with pasting your page XML here to help us try to replicate the issue? Thanks.

Thanks! Not a developer so I am unsure, but here is the XML:

TBC Primary Outcomes 2015 Short-Term Targets #ff5722 #f4511e #e64a19 #d84315 #ffab91 #ff8a65 #ff7043 #ff5722 #f4511e #e64a19 #d84315

I see what’s causing the issue: your chart is associated with your Experience model, but that model doesn’t have any fields. I am tagging this as a bug because Skuid should handle this scenario a little better, but the quick fix is to add a field to that model. Does doing that get you up and running again?

Ahhh thank you! I should have noticed that. I was thrown off because I was able to manipulate the Data Axes and Series, but not Category axes. This explains why I was having issues with how the chart displays data as well…

Thanks so much for your help!

Sure thing! Thanks for being a part of our community and helping us make our product better.